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Yuehui Ma

Source: Author: Date:2014-11-29
Prof. Ma Yuehui
Director of Department of Animal Genetic Resources
Institute of animal scienceIAS,Chinese Academy of Agriculture SciencesCAAS
2 Yuanmingyuan West Road Beijing 100094, P.R.China
Tel: 0086-10-62813463
Fax: 0086-10-62895351
Nationality: Chinese
Birth date: 08-01-1964
Institution and location
Field of study
Beijing Agricultural University
Animal Science
Beijing Agricultural University
Animal Genetics and Breeding
China Agricultural University
Animal Genetics and Breeding
Employment History
1989-1992: Research Associate, Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Agricultural Academy of Sciences.
1992-1999: Assistant Professor, Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Agricultural Academy of Sciences.
1999-2002: Associate Professor, Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Agricultural Academy of Sciences.
2002-    : Professor, Institute of Animal Science, Chinese Agricultural Academy of Sciences.
2004-    : Talented people, Chinese Agricultural Academy of Sciences.
Research Experience
1BAU (Beijing Agricultural University) Grant ‘Improvement of Ziwuling goats through crossing with LiaoNing cashmere goat’ (1988-1989), Investigator.
2MOA (Agriculture) Grant ‘Investigate on conservation method of animal genetic resources’1996-1999; Principal
3CAAS Grant ‘Study on genetic diversity of cattle’ (1998-2001); Principal
4MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) Grant ‘Collection, evaluation and conservation of animal genetic resources’ (1999-2002), Principal
5NSF (National Science Foundation, P. R. China) Grant ‘Study on genetic diversity of Chinese native sheep breeds’ (2001-2003), Principal
6MOST Grant ‘Information system of animal genetic resources’ (2003-2004), Principal
7National Facilities and Information Infrastructure for Science and Technology in China (grant no. 2005DKA 21101), 2005-2008, Principal
8The National High Technology Research and Development Program (863) of China (grant no. 2006AA10Z198), 2006-2010, Principal
9The Chinese National Science and Technology Pillar Program for the Eleventh Five-year Plan (grant no. 2006BAD13B08), 2006-2010, Principal
10The National Natural Science Foundation of China (31272403), 2013-2016, Principal
11Modern Agro-industry Technology Research System (CARS-40-01), 2011-2015, Principal
12The Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Program of China (ASTIP-IAS01), 2013-2017, Principal
Recent Major Publications after 2005
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