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Lixian Wang

Source: Author: Date:2014-11-29
Professor Lixian Wang
Pig Genetics and Breeding division of IAS, CAAS
Tell: 010-62816011
Fax: 010-62818771
Lixian Wang, major in Animal genetics, breeding and reproduction. Ph.D. of China Agricultural University.Professor and Ph.D. adviser of Pig Genetics and Breeding division of IAS, CAASfrom July1993.President of Pig Science Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine (CAASVM), council member of China Animal Agriculture Association (CAAA) and vice-chairman of National Swine Industry Association CAAA, committee member of Pig Professional Committee of National Animal Genetic Resource Committee, member of National Pig Breeding Cooperation Group Expert Committee, associate editor of ActaVeterinariaetZootechnicaSinica, editorial board member ofScientiaAgriculturaSinica.
In pig genetic and breeding field, the research direction is the pig disease resistance, meat quality molecular genetic research, the new techniques of pig breeding and pig production technology development. Successively preside over and undertake more than 30 progjects (e.g. National Science and Technology Support Program, 863 Projects, et al.).
Research Subject:
Pig Industry Expert of China agriculture Research System.
“Twelfth five-year” National Science and TechnologyPlan “High Meat Quality Pig Breeds selection and breeding, key technology research and demonstration”.
Significant technical promotion program“Standardized breeding technology of the large-scale pig farm”.
Genetically modified organism project “Pig lean meat related important gene cloning and functional verification”.
Special fund for basic scientific research business of central public research institutes“Genome-Wide Association Analysis of Meat Quality Traits in a Porcine Large White × MinzhuIntercross Population”.
Special fund for basic scientific research business of central public research institutes“Study on molecular regulation mechanism research of PPARD gene for Beijing black pigs backfat”.
Project supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China “Main gene of pig backfat thickness capture and variation sequence construction ”.
   Genetic parameters of placental efficiency have been estimated and used for selecting the litter size, networks of differentially expressed genes during sow pregnancy have been constructed, pig lung immune defense related gene SP-A was studied, et al. The second national largest resource population“Large White ´Minzhu resource population” has been constructed.
As the main executor, professor Wang participated in the “Seventh-Five” and “Eighth-Five” project “Breeding and specialized strainresearch of Chinese lean pig” and this project won the first prize of the Ministry of agriculture science and technological progress award and the second prize of national scientific and technological progress award. He won the second prize of the Ministry of education science and technological progress award in 2010. Three breeding technology patents were obtained by his hard work.
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“Tenth Five-year” national key book “China Pig”, deputy editor, 800,000 words, 2005, China Science &Technology Press.
“Modern pig encyclopedia”, deputy editor, 730,000 words, 2004, China Agriculture Press
Lead the team to develop innovative work in basic and applied research of pig breeding. Basic research mainly focuses on the whole genome breeding and gene function mining. Applied research pays attention to form breeding clusters with large pig breeding enterprise and provides breeding technology and breeding scheme for large-scale pig enterprise to improve the efficiency of pig breeding.