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Animal Germplasm Resources and Breeding

Source: Author: Date:2014-12-02
To innovate breeding system and germ plasm resource, with the research emphases on collection, monitoring, evaluation, conservancy theory and method of genetic resources, inheritance rules of genomic traits in farm animals, new technology of molecular breeding.breeding new breeds with high quality and efficiency.
Research area:
Collection, conservation, utilization and germplasm evaluation on animal genetic resources
Establishing the somatic cell bank for long-term preservation of animal genetic resources
Establishing the database of animal genetic resources
Theories and methods on animal genetic resources conservation
Functional genomics research on major animal genetic resources
Genetic diversity of domestic animal breeds.
Pig breeding and production
Beef cattle breeding and production
Sheep and goat breeding and production
Beijing duck breeding and production
Color-feathered meat type chicken breeding
Utilization and extension of hybrid technique