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Animal Biotechnology and Reproduction

Source: Author: Date:2014-12-02
The main goal of the Department of Animal Biotechnology and Reproduction is breeding domestic animals by new theory and technology of animal Science. The researches of this Department, related to genetic engineering, cell engineering and protein engineering, are mainly  concentrated on the study of special domestic animal genomics, such as localization, isolation and cloning of top-quality, high-production, and stress-resistant genes. The techniques of gene knock-out, gene- transfer, animal cloning, and domestic animal stem cells are also researched in this Department.
Research area:
Domestic animal cloning techniques
New method of cultivating transgenic animal
Domestic animal embryo-engineering, including embryo transferring, bisection, embryo sexing, IVF and chimera.
The bioreactor of mammary gland and avian egg
The structural and functional genome of WZS swine and Beijing fat chicken
The technique of domestic animal embryo engineering and its accessory