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Main Achievements

Source: Author: Date:2014-12-02
Survey on Distribution of Selenium Concentration Throughout China
Survey on Animal and Poultry Germplasm Resources and Compilation of “Animal and Poultry Breeds in China”
Tables of Feed Composition and Nutrition Value in China
Feeding Standard and Formulas for Chickens and Pigs
Nutritional Parameters and New Feed Formulation Technologies for Chickens
The Integrated Technology of Pasture Development for Ruminant Production in Subtropical Hilly Regions of Southern China
Synthesis of Rumen Microorganisms Urease Inhibitor and Its Utilization in Animal Production
Crossbreeding Combination of Meat-type Commercial Pigs and Integrated Management Schemes for the Crossbreds
Chinese Simmental Cattle Breeding
Breeding of New Strains of Yellow-feather Chicken
Cluster Analysis of Breeds in Chinese Yellow Cattle
Study on Toxicity, Detoxification and Utilization of Woody Protein Feed Resource-Leuceana Leucocephala in China
Character Of Sexual Precocity And High Prolificacy Of Taihu Pig
Integrated Standard For Meat Type Pig
Technology Of Rapid Cramming For Pigs In Collective Raising (Interim Progress)
JMC-1 Type Oestrus Detecting Machine
Porcine Ultrasound View Gallery