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AU Scientists Visited IAS

Source: Author:chenyan Date:2014-12-18
Recently, Professor Morgan Sand lund and Professor Guosheng Su from Aarhus University arrived at our instituteto participate in an academic exchange program and give research reports. They were invited by Professor Junya Li, chief of the team of Cattle Genetics and Breeding. Professor Morgan has been engaged in the research of cow genome selection, and his research areas include localization of QTL gene locus, estimate of the pollution parameters and effect prediction of single-gene. Professor Su mainly focuses on the research of constructing calculation models of genomic selection, the corresponding algorithm and the application in cattle breeding with particular emphasis on optimization of GBLUP model and Bayse model in genomic selection. Both of them are our foreign experts of international cooperation and exchange .
All of our team members attended the workshop activity. At the meeting, Professor Morgans introduced the use of whole genome sequences in genomic selection and the influence of multi-species on the accuracy of breeding value. Professor Su mentioned a new algorithm of genomic selection, and elaborated on its advantages. Participants of the workshop made a discussion about the application and the current development of GS in breeding. The contents of the scholar activity were closely related to the research of our innovation team of Cattle Genetics and Breeding . The reports of the two foreign experts provided us a new idea of genomic selection. Both sides expressed the hope for further exchange and cooperation.