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China-Ireland Dairy Science and Technology Centre to be Located at the Institute of Animal Science

Source: Author:Bu Dengpan Date:2014-11-30
On the 3rd of November, the Institute of Animal Sciences, CAAS, University College Dublin and Richard Keenan and Co., signed an agreement on the formation of the China-Ireland Dairy Science and Technology Centre, in the presence of Chinese Minister of Agriculture, Han Changfu and Irish Minister for Food, Agriculture and the Marine, Minister Coveney, in a signing ceremony at the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. 

The China Ireland Dairy Science and Technology Centre was brought together by Professor Li Ming, the head of the Institute of Animal Sciences and Vice-Professor Bu Dengpan, after visiting Ireland and liaising with University College Dublin and Richard Keenan and Co over a number of years. The Centre will create a platform for training and education, technology extension and research.

The Centre will focus in particular on Feed Conversion Efficiency, improving milk quality, and improving animal health, and through a series of pilot projects, the Centre aims to create an efficient production model for small to medium dairy farms in China.

Within 3-5 years, the Centre will promote a model whereby Chinese farms will increase their yield per cow by 1000 litres, add another lactation to the cow’s life, without extra concentrate feeding.

Through the formation of the Centre, there is an increased opportunity for deeper dialogue between China and Ireland’s Diary Sectors and can promote and undertake research and exchange to improve the efficiency and sustainability of China’s Dairy Sector and create stronger links and substantial cooperation between China and Ireland’s Dairy Sector. 
By Bu Dengpan