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CAAS -ILRI Joint Laboratory on Livestock and Forage Genetic Resources

Source: Author: Date:2014-12-05

In May 2004, CAAS and ILRI established a Joint Laboratory on Livestock and Forage Genetic Resources. CAAS built and equipped the joint Lab, which is run by an ILRI-CAAS geneticist and hosted by the Institute of Animal Science (IAS), in Beijing. Staff of the joint Lab are developing molecular tools with which to characterize livestock and forage genetic diversity in China and southeastern Asia, as well as training scientists and building capacity for this research in the region. We have been engaged for many years in collecting, storing and researching the country’s indigenous livestock and forage genetic resources. Recent years, we have cooperation and communication with researchers from many countries such as Germany, Indonesia and Vietnam. Establishment of the Joint Laboratory has created a new international platform for international cooperation in conservation livestock and forage genetic diversity.