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Second Prize of National Technology Invention

Source: Author: Date:2014-12-09



Award Name

Second Prize of National Technology Invention

To surmount difficulties in exploring genes of meat production trait and deficiencies of available genetic marker genes, our group established a high-throughput technology system to develop the efficient genetic resources and apply the genetic molecular markers. Thanks to this system, we developed a new pig breeding, "EQING I", with high quality characteristics in growth, lean meat rate, and meat quality. Up to now, more than 2,493,000 "EQING I" pigs have been bred and this breeding is becoming more and more accepted year by year. We acquired ten invention patents and one software copyrights. Apart from that, we also published fifty-four SCI papers in international journals such as Genome Biology, Cell Research and so on, and papers were cited more than 390 times.

Time of award


Authorized organization

State Council of China

The principal researchers

Kui Li, Shuhong Zhao, Bang Liu, Zhonglin Tang, Bin Fan, Mei Yu